Attorney, Advisor, Advocate

Harris Trial Law ("HTL") provides high quality, effective and compassionate legal representation to Northeast Florida individuals and businesses.  HTL represents individuals in civil and matrimonial litigation, and businesses in civil litigation.  Please see our Expertise page above for more information on how HTL can serve you.

HTL's founder, Chris Harris, has been practicing law in Northeast Florida since 2002 and in Florida since 1997.  Chris holds the highest rating "AV" from Martindale Hubbell.  Chris is admitted to practice law in all state and federal courts in Florida.  Chris adheres to three key concepts to achieve effective legal representation for HTL clients.

First, an attorney must have specific expertise in the areas in which the attorney has been retained to provide legal representation.  This is the essence of being an attorney.  When I am contacted by a potential client about a legal matter, I will candidly advise whether that matter is within the scope of my expertise.  Otherwise, I will do my best to provide a quality referral to a lawyer who is skilled in handling such matters.    

Second, an attorney must be an advisor, and provide honest and unbiased legal advice so that a client has realistic expectations of what litigation can and cannot accomplish, as well as, the costs and risks associated with litigation. It is critical to provide an unbiased analysis of a client's matter so that the client can make the appropriate business and personal decision on whether to pursue litigation, or explore alternatives.

Third, once a client has made the decision to proceed with litigation, an attorney must strenuously advocate for the client within the bounds of the Rules of Ethics for the Florida Bar.  Litigation is time consuming for a client, as well as emotionally taxing and financially costly.  It is, therefore, incumbent upon a lawyer to vigorously advocate to achieve the best result possible given the facts and circumstances of the situation. Please see my Bio page above for more information.